He Walked Down The Aisle Despite Being Told He May Never Walk Again

Published May 23, 2018 580 Plays

Rumble When Fred Quin was out celebrating Fourth of July with his family at a cottage near Grand Rapids Michigan, he ended the celebration with an accident. His family noticed the young man was not moving, called 911 and four hours later he was in surgery. What the doctors found was devastating - he had shattered his C-6 vertebrae, meaning his body couldn’t move.

“The surgery was to remove those pieces, put a donor bone in, put a plate in the front side, and on the back side put two rods going down my spine,” Fred said. “And they fused my C-5 to C-7 vertebras.”

Still, after all those treatments, Fred was told he may never walk again. Still, he wouldn’t give up. After months of rehab and his girlfriend’s cheering help, Fred endured the battle and they finally saw progress. So much so, that on their eight-year dating anniversary, he proposed.

Despite all the odds being against him, Fred Quin managed to walk down the aisle and wait for his beloved to approach him, have her as his wife until death do them part, and then walk her out of the chapel. The loving couple made their steps with loads of determination. And to think that just months before, Fred Quin was told he may never be able to do that.

The couple’s wedding story is packed up with lots of inspiration and love that can make you feel happy and encouraged to face the life! Congratulation to the happy couple!