Preschool Term 1 Favourites with Cute Girl

Published May 23, 2018

Rumble Preschool Term 1 Favourites with Sienna. In this video Sienna shares some of her favourite works from Term 1 in Preschool. she shares her paintings, favorite songs, her rice baby and others. A cute video which will be sure to be a precious memory in years to come. What a great way to remember some of the most fantastic things about young minds learning and developing. Most of us lose these memories over the years, however for 5 year old Sienna, these will forever be here to remind her of the fun and fantastic things she created in her first term of preschool. Sienna is an adorable young girl from Perth, Western Australia, and attends school at Mater Christi Catholic School. This video showcases the work done in term 1. You will see Sienna's drawings and paintings, but the most precious piece within this video is the picture Sienna has drawn of her family as part of a house craft that was created over two days. In a very funny moment, Sienna describes the family picture in which her Daddy has the 'longest legs'! Such a precious and fun video from Sienna recording history for her. Sienna loves making videos and sharing her fun times and adventures and gets real enjoyment from watching them at a later date when she has forgotten the content. She also loves sharing all the work she has done and loves her preschool teachers and friends. This shines through in the video and Sienna has fun talking you through her achievements and crafts for Term 1. We hope that Sienna will continue on this same journey through school, enjoying all the challenges and fun that will come along the way. Her confidence shines through, and this is something that she has worked on, to become better at presenting at school in show and tell, and creating videos has helped with this. Such an adorable way to end a term at school and highlight all the great things that happened along the way!

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