Silly Dad's Tire Swing Stunt Ends Badly For Him

AFVVirals Published May 22, 2018 669 Plays

Rumble Tire swings should be fun things that you do kind of casually on a beautiful summer or spring day. What you don’t expect it to be is human death trap that is going to require you to have ice packs at the ready after you crawl back inside to your couch. This dad found out the hard way that apparently, they designed to destroy dads. At least that’s our interpretation.

The dad in this video is pushing his kids on a tire swing in the front yard. He does this a few times before jumping in front of the tire swing. For some reason the dad decides to, we don’t try to backward jump on to the tire swing? We are not entirely sure what his goal was for this stunt. Maybe he thought he could grab the chains and swing with his kid when landed on the tire. However, he definitely missed this trick and pretty badly. It probably would have helped if the guy had looked back at the tire swing at all before jumping.

You can see that he doesn’t know that the tire has turned and that when he leaps he is no where near A) an open spot on the tire, and B) chains for him to grab. Plus, he kind of mistimes the leap anyway so that his butt is not higher than the tire. Instead, the moment of the tire hits him in his butt and lower back and sends him flying forward until he slams down on to his back. This dad is definitely going to need some icepacks and maybe a cold beverage or three while he recuperates on the couch.