Pug Destroys Little Kid In Butt Spinning Contest

AFVViralsPublished: May 22, 2018
Published: May 22, 2018

We have seen plenty of dogs versus little kids in our time at America’s Funniest Home Videos. However, this particular competition is one of the first we have ever seen. Usually kids versus dogs relates to a kid racing a dog or a dog laying out a kid while playing catch. Or it is a bit of dogs stealing from kids. Usually the theft is of their pants or other clothing.

This video stars an older and a little bit chubby pug on the living room floor and with him as a kid who appears to be between seven and nine years old. The kid starts spinning around on the floor with his butt and using his legs to push himself around in circles. The older pug starts to copy the little kid. He sits on his butt and uses his front paws to push himself around in circles as well. The duo kind of moves about the room together as they spin circles on their butts in pushing themselves around.

After the first couple of cuts in the video there is one last competition between the two. And let us just say it really was not a competitive event. The little kid kind of half makes himself spin around but his technique isn’t great and he’s slowed down. The pug on the other hand has his technique down and absolutely destroys the kid in this butt spinning competition that they’ve made up for themselves. The pug spins around so quickly that we are more than a little surprised that he didn’t make himself dizzy with how fast he spins.

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