Puppies Come Barrelling Through The Kitchen For Lunch

Published May 22, 2018 911 Plays $1.59 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPuppies are warm little creatures and an adorable sight to behold. Owning a puppy is a rewarding experience and whenever you are under the weather, one look at the soft eyes of your puppy will do wonders and make the rest of your day sunny. ‘Rise and shine’ is a puppy attitude to life and its zest for life is unparalleled with anything else. Having said that, consider keeping 14 puppies in your household. Can you even imagine that?! It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

Well, the family living in the house in this video has exactly 14 puppies to look after and they are all of the Entlebucher breed. What is interesting about them is that whenever they hear the kibble bag being opened in another room, they stampede happily in a bunch of adorable balls of fluff. It is called a puppy pandemonium!

These active and intelligent dogs love their food, so they make sure that all of them appear at dinner time. They don’t waste a minute but run excitedly to their kitchen and they take feeding time very seriously. What makes this sight impressive is that they don’t come all at once, but in small groups of a few puppies. Whoever heard the bag being opened first, pulls off the rest to the crowd.

As they come from the hallway, we have the impression that there are more and more to come - they strike the room like flood - until we see the last one dragging his bottom in the most curious way ever, sniffing everything along the way and playfully wagging its tail. We are very eager to find out whether they will be inseparable like this when they grow up. Who knows!