Mutt Dog Takes Baby In Rocker For A Wild Ride

Published May 21, 2018 1,198 Plays

Rumble We assume that the parents of this baby have a leash type thing attached to their baby’s rocker so that they can move it around the house when need to do so. They were probably not expecting for their dog to want to play with that leash as well. This dog is definitely way into playing with the leash attached to the rocker. He wants to pull that thing all over the house or wherever else he wants to go.

This must be a thing in this family because the coffee table in the living room is up off of the floor. This dog does not kid around. He swings this rocker around in wild arcs. It is almost like a roller coaster ride for this little baby. The baby definitely appears to be enjoying his crazy ride, not quite giggling but definitely wearing the face of someone on a crazy ride. It’s a face that you see on people who love theme park rides. It’s not quite happy, not quite afraid, but some strange mix of the two.

If a dog could pull me around this like I think I would let them. It seems recklessly fun in a relatively safe manner. Like doing one of those slingshot rides at the fair without any of the fear of actually being flung off into space. I mean, that’s my fear when it comes to the slingshots, that it will actually let go of me and send me miles away. Anyway, what do you think? Would you let your kid ride in a rocker while the dog swings him around like this? Do you think your kid would like it?