Small Tornado Touches Down In Vietnam Making An Impressive Sight

5 years ago

Tornados are, indeed, a very curious and rather rare phenomenon of nature. They are vortex columns several hundred meters high, by a diameter of only a few tens of meters, even though giant tornadoes can reach a diameter of 1.5-3 km. It occurs as a result of the difference in atmospheric pressure between the upper and lower layers of the atmosphere. The air in this column rotates with great speed, creating a zone of low pressure around it, which "drags" into itself everything that gets in its way. This is how trees, people, cars and even, sometimes, commodity trains can be taken off in the air.

Tornadoes occur usually in summer in hot weather with thunderclouds: when the ground or water below is very hot, and the air above is very air, a cold air funnel begins to form stretching from the thunderous cumulus all the way down to the ground. This funnel is very similar to the elephant's trunk and this is why they say “the trunk of the tornado”. The tornado rushes and twists with the same speed as the cumulus cloud above moves. Therefore, it is always a good advice, if you find yourself in the situation as the people in the video above, to follow the speed of the cloud mass above and project the possible impact.

The video on the top of the page, made on May 20, 2018, in Quang Tri, Vietnam, shows the early formation of a tornado above a field in the distance. This is a rather small one but the height of the trunk and its curvature makes the sight quite impressive.

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