Compassionate Girl Asks Best Friend With Down Syndrome To Prom

This is the heartwarming moment when a kind-hearted student pulls a unique offer that her best friend couldn’t refuse. A teenage boy with Down Syndrome is up for a big surprise when he stumbles upon a banner and a prom proposal. Prepare your tissues, this one is a tear-jerker!

Rachel Newberry, a senior at Mountain Heritage High School in Burnsville, North Carolina, showed the world what real friendship looks like. She and fellow senior Ben Robinson, have been best friends since they were four years old. With prom just around the corner, Rachel decided to surprise Ben with the sweetest ‘promposal’ ever recorded. Check it out!

Footage starts with Ben entering the audience hall in school, only to find numerous people handing him flowers as he walks down the room towards the stage. Dazzled and confused, the puzzled boy doesn’t know what’s going on, but he continues to walk and collect the flowers given to him.

Moments later, the curtains are opening and a banner reading ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ appears on stage, from where Ben’s best friend Rachel approaches and pops the question to the merely confused teen. In a room full of mixed emotions, Ben becomes ecstatic and cannot believe his eyes and ears. He falls to the ground and bursts into tears.

Prom proposals are the trial version of marriage proposals one would say. Boys started to come up with unique and creative ways of asking girls out to prom. Partners that go to prom together are not necessarily a couple, but might end up together by the end of the evening. In this case, it is the other way around, a compassionate girl prepares the sweetest prom proposal for her best friend, and leaves everyone in awe! What a precious way to brighten someone’s life!

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