Motorcycle Rear Ends Car

ViralHog Published May 21, 2018 73 Plays $0.16 earned

Rumble / Horrible DriversOccurred on May 17, 2018 / Oakland, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was commuting home from Oakland to Redwood City one evening in stop and go traffic Southbound on Interstate 880 near 16th Avenue. A motorcycle was following me, but instead of paying attention to traffic ahead, all of his attention was focused on the car next to him. You can see this in the rear camera video. At the very last moment, he looks ahead but it is too late and he crashes full speed into the back of my car. Both his shoes come off on impact! He flies over the roof and lands on my hood and then the side of the road. He stumbles around after taking a pretty hard hit. I help him with his motorcycle and ask if he needs an ambulance and he refuses. Within minutes he crosses the road and flees the scene on foot. Not sure if the police ever found him."