Puppy Is Totally Obsessed With A White Box

Published May 21, 2018 3,011 Views $2.86 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSergeant the puppy’s life is filled with simple pleasures. There's his owners. There's treats. There's toys. And there's always a little more room for his owners. But sometimes, he gets an attachment to a toy that is not a toy - an object that may be unusual because he wants to keep it even more simple - it is his favorite box. For the most part, Sergeant’s obsession with the box is his own sweet mystery. Is it the smell? The texture? The shape? Color? Size? We do know that dogs can get really attached to an object that reminds them of a puppy. Do dogs ever grow out of toys? This puppy seems to be very enthusiastic about this box. His mission is to carry, move, drag and transport this box around the house by all means.

Sergeant is an eternal toddler. There is no point to replace the box that he is really attached to with something else. It’s part of his repertoire of his comfort things that make up his world. Much like a child who can’t sleep without their cuddling toy besides, Sergeant just can’t seem to get enough of his box. What makes him so attached to it and what is it about that unique box?

Without question, he lives for the thrill, and the box he carries around with him wherever he goes only reminds him of those special moments. We can hardly expect him to grow out of his love for his box for now. And it’s not something we should be concerned about. In reality, dogs may become attached to an object that may be all kinds of inappropriate, such as the toilet cleaner or a pair of your dirty undies. Why break the habit? Sooner or later, he’ll grow out of it.