Husky Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To Squeaky Toy

Published May 21, 2018 895 Plays $1.63 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHuskies - if you didn’t see all that fur, you might think that they are just tiny grumbling toddlers. If you saw the fur, then you’d know that they are just not so tiny grumbling toddlers with an ability to withstand the toughest of winters. They’ll probably whine about that too, but they’ll make it through unscathed. It seems that whatever we do, they’ll find a reason to sneak in a disapproving look. But we love them anyway.

How could we not, when we know that each protest ends up with a scratch and the most beautiful of smiles ever?! They might pretend they are the broodiest dog breed ever, but deep inside, they are just like any other dog, a furry ball that just loves to play, eat and cuddle up to a friend. If you don’t think such situation is possible with these puppers, you definitely should check out the following video.

This footage shows us an adorable Siberian husky that just can’t contain its happiness. It seems that it has found itself a squeaky toy and this husky puppy has the most unexpected reaction to the sound of it. It definitely isn’t afraid of the toy. While most doggos might push at the toy and test out the territory, this pupper goes headfirst, or should we say backfirst, into getting familiar with it. It just can’t stop rolling on its back and squishing the air out of the rubber toy. It’s just such a happy pupper, we can’t seem to stop watching it.