This Sweet Snuggle Was Almost Ruined By A Stinky Breath

Published May 21, 2018 127 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWho doesn’t want to snuggle? Just to lay down, close to someone you love, wrap your paws around them and hold on tight, so that the warmth from both your bodies may radiate through you and bring you that sweet, sweet snooze.

It is the best way to deepen your bond with someone. Laying down in silence, with only your thoughts to yourself, knowing that they, too, would like nothing more than to share those tranquil moments with you, it can be very relaxing. And it all can be so peaceful, if the other’s breath were just a tad fresher.

These two pups sure look like they love sharing a snuggle, but apparently, someone forgot to brush their teeth a few too many times. So in the middle of a relaxing moment, the pooch let out a yawn so wide, we could see his tonsils from way back out here. But there, up close and personal, his sibling could sense something else - his stinky breath.

Seeing how the dog took his head as far back as he could, we can only draw one logical conclusion. That is one smelly mouth! With his nostrils flaring and ears plastered to the back of his head, it is a sure sign of fear. Fear that the radioactivity from the depths of his brother’s mouth is so severe, that his eyebrows may crumble off his face! Who does that?

Ladies and gents, this is a clear PSA for all. Do not forget to put a hand over your mouth when you yawn!