These Kids' Costumes Can Successfully Modify Into Transformers

Published May 20, 2018 561 Views

Rumble We don’t think there is a franchise that has created such a cult following like the Transformers. They actually have a line of toys that transform from a vehicle to a robot in just a few swift moves. But despite what the brand intended, Transformers became something much more than just a line of awesome toys; they provided kids all over the globe with the inspiration to be imaginative!

Their influence persists to this very day and these kids are proof of just that! We can only guess that they are attending some kind of Con, judging by the outfits of the army of people that gather ‘round them to take photos.

All three kids are dressed up in colorful suits of armor, looking pretty impressive as they are. They strike a few poses here and there and the adults that watch are clearly having a blast. But then, all three kids get down on their knees, rearrange their suits and lay face-down on the ground, immediately transforming themselves into a Corvette, a fighter jet and a semi truck, i.e. Bumblebee, Starscream and the mighty Optimus Prime! Whoa!

Now, when we were dressing up, way back when we thought our costumes were awesome. Now, all we can do is hoot and cheer for the kids’ imagination and their parents’ nerves of steel, while we silently weep inside, because we never thought of this!

One kid - and by a kid, we mean his grandpa - did think of this for one Halloween night and he built his nephew a fully transforming Bumblebee costume, lights and everything! Who said homemade costumes are lame?

The outfit sits on their bodies like suits of armor, and when they hunch into the correct position, the bigger elements fall in place, transforming these children into what are sincerely entirely perfect vehicles. At the point when the children are in position, they genuinely do look like straight-up autos, trucks, and jets.

Isn't this the best costume you have ever seen? Or then again is there some different Transformers cosplay out there that is good to the point that it trumps the adorableness of these kids to claim the crown?

If you are a fan of Transformers you will love this video! Or you are one of those people who has never heard about them?

A long time ago, far away on the planet of Cybertron, a war is being pursued between the honorable Autobots (led by the savvy Optimus Prime) and the sneaky Decepticons (instructed by the feared Megatron) for control over the Allspark, an enchanted charm that would give boundless capacity to whoever has it.

The Autobots figured out how to carry the Allspark off the planet, however, Megatron launches looking for it. He, in the long run, tracks it to the planet of Earth (around 1850), however, his rash want for control sends him directly into the Arctic Ocean, and the sheer cool powers him into a deadened state.

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