Kitten Kneads Husky With Paws While Trying To Find Milk

Published May 19, 2018 280,198 Views $15.62 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsToa the kitten and Kuma the Husky are different by chance, but best friends by choice. Watch as Tora is trying to get milk from Kuma! Sometimes, before meal times when she is starting to get hungry, she kneads him with her paws and tries to find milk.

The kitten is suckling on the husky but the huksy doesn’t go to full “mom mode”. The kitten thinks this husky is her mommy! So cute! Some kittens will continue to nurse after they are weaned because nursing comforts them and helps them feel secure. Some will suck on objects, their own body or, like this kitten Toa, another animal. Although the behavior can remain a relatively benign comfort behavior for the cat, it is usually annoying to the Kuma.

Though Kuma doesn’t really like to be treated as the mother of this cat, he remains calm and gentle enough taking care not to hurt her. Even when he shows his discomfort by removing the cat with his mouth, he goes one extra mile while being careful not to harm her in any way. Kuma loves his friend very much, he expresses his love by licking the cat so as to comfort her.

All dogs and kittens are cute but do they share the deep connection like this two in the video? We don’t think so. Their friendship is unique and it triggers our empathy and adoration. Because we humans have an innate ability to tell when something is cute. Mostly, our brains consider what seems to be defenseless, vulnerable, and extremely young as cute. So when we look at anything that reminds us of a defenseless baby, we automatically go “awwww“.