Rescued bird just wants to play with hair brush

Published May 18, 2018 90 Plays $0.13 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWatch as Emby the rescued American Robin tries to get her owner to play, when all he wants to do is brush his hair. Emby stands on the man's head and pretends to attack his hair brush.

Emby was found when she was just a few days old by the family dog, and was raised by hand. Her bird family's nest was destroyed by neighborhood crows, and she fell a long distance to the ground below. Unfortunately, her sibling did not make it. Emby sat in the grass for a long time, hungry and dehydrated and is lucky to have survived at all.

Human-imprinting is a form of learning when an animal gains its sense of species identification. Birds do not automatically know what they are when they hatch and visually imprint on their parents during the period of development. If birds imprint on humans, they pick up some habits that they wouldn’t usually have in the wild.

Because she imprinted on humans, Emby cannot live in the wild. She is not afraid of dogs, cats or humans, and so would not know to avoid these possible dangers. It is important to note that if a baby bird is found in distress, it is essential to contact a local avian rescue!

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