Teen Girls Fall Hard After Dance Routine Turns Into A Disaster

AFVViralsPublished: May 18, 201814 views
Published: May 18, 2018

I need everyone to stop what they are doing right this second and immediately answer this question: is there anything better than DANCING?!?

True story, I was once referred to as a “filthy dancer” at some weird New York industry party I was invited to. I don’t remember a lot about the party except that former American Idol host Brian Dunkelman was the host of the affair and that I overheard a lady whisper to her friend that I was a “filthy dancer.” That stuck with me. Her words resonated.

I have always loved dancing, despite my large frame and my face. My face doesn’t usually scream out “Oooo, fun loving guy!” based on the fact that people tell me my neutral expression is weathered and worn. But I do! My favorite part of my wedding was the super lit reception! We danced and swayed and boogied all the night long. That is honestly what people remembered most from it. I’d say things like “Hey thanks for coming last week!” and they’d say ‘Heck yea man! Great party!’ and I’d be like “It was my WEDDING!” But whatever gets them in the door with a gift in their hands, am I right? Hello? Is this thing on?

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