Dog Totally Unimpressed With Overly-Affectionate Cat's Behavior

Published May 18, 2018 14,105 Plays $32.68 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensMany people think cats and dogs can not live together in peace. They are two different animals with different personalities that will not always blend. However, under the right conditions, many cats and dogs can live together in perfect harmony!

Having pets around the house is always fun, and capturing those moments on video can be an instant mood booster for all animal lovers out there. They always keep us on our toes and they make us melt into puddles of goo with their cuteness. Our furbabies are the real entertainment in the house and this footage just proves it.

Although most people might think that cat licking is gross, it is actually the equivalent of people washing and brushing their hair. The saliva clears the fur of unwanted particles nestled inside and the cat’s tongue which is rougher than a human’s would actually serve as the brush. A cat’s tongue contains longer and sturdier sensory papillae which then act as the natural combs of a brush. Cat grooming is a natural instinct as any other.

This kitty definitely felt like this doggo was one of her own because she started to lick him in order to show some love and affection. Unfortunately for her, her pal wasn’t very impressed or he didn’t quite understand why she’s doing what she was doing. Unfortunately this olive branch would go unnoticed. Poor kitty!