Puppy Desperately Wants To Play With Bunny Rabbit

Published May 18, 2018 1,014 Plays $3.10 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBuddy the puppy dog was super scared at first of Tex the bunny since it was very unusual for him to find himself surrounded by a bunny. So, he didn’t know how to act and behave. But once Buddy got to know his friend, he isn’t the shy puppy any more. This time he just wants to play and he is showing that clearly to Tex the bunny. However, this time is different than the last time when Buddy was the new member of the family and had to get used to the new home. Now, he is at ease with himself and wants to show that the first impressions are sometimes false.

He is such an adorable and playful dog that he will do anything just to catch the attention of the rabbit. Unfortunately, this time is the other way round, Buddy is in the mood for his playing games and Tex isn’t. Somehow, they can’t find a middle ground to put their friendship on the same wavelength. Tex is so confused with Buddy’s behavior, that he is not really sure how to react. Even his ears go in different direction pointing that he is torn apart between taking the plunge and join the dog’s antics or stay on the outskirts of the home playground.

Buddy is so desperate. He lies on the floor just to show Tex how eager is he for his company. Oh my, nothing helps, Tex doesn’t share the same passion for crazy activities around the living room as his friend Buddy does. Moreover, what is with the barking? It makes Tex jump to his feet. We hope that in the next video we will see Tax and Buddy chasing each other in the friendliest way possible!