Whistleblower: "All Hell Breaking Loose" Biden Compromised and Putin KNOWS IT!

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Get a 14-day free trial with my sponsor Aura and see where your personal information is being sold online: https://aura.com/stephen Stephen Gardner and retired colonel Tony Shaffer who served as a whistleblower discuss Russia Ukraine War. Biden's mental and physical health. The lies of Washington DC and Putin wanting to end the war with Trump.

**Reactions to International Leaders on Russia-Ukraine War:**

- **Putin and Trump's Peace Proposal:** Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed interest in former President Trump’s ideas to end the Russia-Ukraine war. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also showed interest in understanding the potential level of support under Trump’s plan. Meanwhile, Democrats in the U.S. have criticized Trump, accusing him of being a Russian spy and suggesting that his involvement aims to undermine President Biden. Shaffer's response highlights the contrasting perspectives and the complex political dynamics at play, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to international diplomacy.

- **Viktor Orban's Stance:** Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated that Ukraine has no path to victory and that the EU should pressure Ukraine to end the war, even if it means ceding territory. Shaffer discussed the implications of Orban's statement, suggesting that it reflects a pragmatic, albeit controversial, perspective on conflict resolution and the limitations of prolonged warfare.

- **Concerns Over Biden’s Mental State:** The discussion touched on the dangers of having a potentially cognitively impaired president like Joe Biden, especially in his role as Commander-in-Chief. Shaffer expressed concern over the implications of Biden's worsening dementia on national security and decision-making capabilities, stressing the importance of a mentally sharp leader in times of international conflict.

- **Legal and Executive Overreach:** Shaffer addressed the concerns raised by commentator Ben Shapiro about Biden’s presidency, including defying the Supreme Court on student loan debt, using OSHA to mandate vaccines, targeting political opponents through the DOJ, and undermining immigration laws by opening the border. These points highlight significant issues of executive overreach and legal controversies under Biden's administration.

**Public Perception and Media Reactions:**

- **Whoopi Goldberg's Comments:** Whoopi Goldberg's dismissive remarks about Biden’s cognitive issues were discussed. Shaffer pointed out the oddity of Democrats preferring Biden, despite his public gaffes and accusations of incontinence, over Trump, who, according to Shaffer, did not significantly harm America during his presidency.

- **Support for Voting Integrity:** Elon Musk called opponents of House Speaker Mike Johnson’s proposed SAVE ACT bill "traitors." The bill aims to ensure that only American citizens can vote in federal elections. Shaffer supported Musk's stance, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of the electoral process and preventing voter fraud.

- **Radio Host Firing Incident:** A radio host was fired after revealing that she received questions from Joe Biden’s team before her interview with the president. Reports suggest the White House orchestrated her dismissal. Shaffer condemned this behavior, highlighting concerns over media manipulation and the suppression of journalistic integrity.

- **Trump's Upcoming VP Announcement:** Former President Trump is expected to announce his vice-presidential pick on July 18th. Shaffer speculated on potential candidates, considering those who align closely with Trump’s political vision and have the capability to complement his campaign strategies effectively.

- **National and International Implications:** The conversation with Shaffer underscored the importance of strong leadership and the far-reaching implications of current political decisions. From the handling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict to domestic policy and electoral integrity, the discussion highlighted key issues facing the U.S. and its leadership on the global stage.

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