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Roger Stone and co-host Troy Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Slingshot News, bring you the latest on the internal struggle within the Democrat Party over Joe Biden's attempts to retain the Democrat's 2024 presidential nomination.

Stone's sources tell him that Joe Biden's pollsters met with Biden yesterday to tell him there was an 85% probability that he would lose the general election based on their latest polling. They also told Biden that he now trails in Pennsylvania by six points.

Stone expresses his belief that congressional Democrats are increasingly nervous about the potential for Biden to pull down the entire Democrat ticket, as more recent polling shows that both states and districts heretofore thought to be "safe" are now competitive. Stone also notes that the Democrat Party's largest fundraisers and bundlers are also demanding that Biden drop while at the same time cutting off their money.

Smith points out an interesting evolution in the comments of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi; playing a video in which she first said that Biden is sharp, vital, and up to the task, and then showing a video only days later in which Pelosi said "Biden's mental condition is a legitimate question."

Stone comments on the size and intensity of Trump's rally in Doral, Florida yesterday, and the former President's growing optimism about victory.

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