Dave Rubin: SCOTUS Rules On Presidential Immunity As Biden & California Fall Apart – Ask Dr. Drew

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According to countless pundits, the Supreme Court's ruling on Trump's presidential immunity will empower any President to freely commit any crime, any time, anywhere. Those claims are obviously inaccurate and overblown, and the pundits would know this if they could stop screeching for 2 whole minutes. ••「 CALL IN & LINKS: https://drdrew.com/7102024 」•• Dave Rubin the host of The Rubin Report, and the author of "Don't Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason". In an effort to combat big tech censorship, Rubin founded Locals.com, a subscription based digital platform that empowers creators to be independent by giving them control over their content and data. Follow Dave at https://x.com/RubinReport and https://rumble.com/RubinReport

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