Populism THREATENS The Deep State: Here's Why…with Mike Benz | The Winston Marshall Show #021

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I sat down with former State Department secretary, Trump speechwriter and censorship whistleblower Mike Benz.

The truth about the deep state - how does it operate? Why does it operate? What’s really going on in the so-called “blob”, the CIA and State Department and the real history of US foreign policy.

What’s really happening in the Ukraine War? What role did the US play in the 2014 Maidan Coup. Are we on the verge of World War 3? What are the establishment doing to snuff out the populist movement?

All this and much more

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Video Chapters:
00:00 - Introduction
02:37 - The State Department & U.S. Empire
11:52 - Trump Admiration & Censorship Of Trump
17:12 - Inside The State Department, Deep State & Links with Corporations
29:18 - History of U.S. Foreign Policy, CIA Cut-outs/Assets & Coups
41:42 - Ukraine & CIA-backed Coups/Extremist Groups
59:15 - Populism, Nationalism & Hungary Fined €200M
1:07:07 - Who Are The Blob?
1:11:12 - U.S. Support of Ukraine, 2014 Coup & Censorship
1:22:40 - Are We On The Brink Of WW3?
1:28:43 - U.S. Destabilisation Of World Governments
1:56:09 - 2024 Presidential Election, Establishment vs Trump
Censorship & Musk’s X
2:07:53 - The Future Of Populism Movement, Immigration & Foreign Policy
2:23:16 - Outro

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