🔴BREAKING: Saudi Arabia THREATENS Biden on behalf of Putin!

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- **Saudi Arabia's Threat to Europe:** Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, has made a significant announcement in favor of Russia. They have warned NATO that if the $300 billion confiscated from Russia is spent, Saudi Arabia will sell off their European bonds to collapse European economies. This development shows Saudi Arabia's alignment with Russia over the US.

- **US Treasury Holdings:** Saudi Arabia held $750 billion in US treasuries during Obama's presidency, likely now over a trillion. Selling off these assets could severely impact the US treasury and bond markets.

**Joe Biden and the DNC Convention:**

- **Biden's Health Concerns:** Speculation about President Biden's health has intensified. During a recent ABC News interview, Biden's poor performance, characterized by stuttering and slurred words, raised concerns. He attributed his bad debate performance to an "episode" rather than a condition. However, Dr. Tom Pitts, a Parkinson's expert and Democrat, suggested that Biden exhibits clear signs of Parkinson's disease.

- **Media Shift:** Initially ignoring Biden's failures, the media is now highlighting them. This shift suggests that influential figures within the Democratic Party may want Biden replaced. For the first time, Biden experiences media scrutiny similar to what Trump faced throughout his presidency.

- **Biden's Challenge to Party Elites:** In an MSNBC interview, Biden criticized the "elites" in his party for attempting to remove him, challenging them to run against him at the DNC convention. While the Democratic Presidential Primary ended last month, Biden isn't officially the nominee until the DNC convention in late August. If party members rally behind a new candidate, they could theoretically extend the primaries to replace Biden.

- **AOC's Support:** Top Democrats, including Rep. AOC, have called for unity behind Biden. AOC confirmed Biden's determination to stay in the race, stating that he reiterated his commitment to her and the public.

- **DNC Division:** Despite calls for unity, some Democrats, like Rep. Steve Cohen, express doubts about the party's ability to rally around Biden, indicating internal divisions.

**International and Domestic Political Updates:**

- **NATO and Defense Spending:** House Speaker Mike Johnson criticized NATO members for not meeting their defense spending commitments. He emphasized the need for all members to spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense to prevent over-reliance on countries like the US. Johnson's warning aligns with former President Trump's stance on potentially withdrawing support from non-compliant countries.

- **Election Integrity and Fraud:** Concerns about election integrity remain high. In Georgia, 380,761 ballot images were either missing or destroyed, raising questions about potential election fraud.

- **Biden's Response to the SAVE Act:** Biden stated he would veto the SAVE Act, which aims to block illegal immigrants from voting. This stance has drawn criticism, suggesting that Democrats prioritize power over the integrity of social safety nets.

**Biden Administration's Actions:**

- **Political Persecution:** The Biden administration has taken aggressive actions against political opponents, including Alex Jones, Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon, and Rudy Giuliani. These actions have sparked debates about the administration's use of power to silence critics.

**Fox News and Trump:**

- **Fox News' Stance:** There is speculation that Fox News, while benefiting from Trump-related news, does not genuinely support Trump. This dual stance raises questions about the network's true political alignment.

**Biden's Mental Health:**

- **Whistleblower Claims:** White House photographer Chandler West claimed that Biden's mental abilities have significantly declined. This has sparked further debate about Biden's fitness for office and the Democratic Party's reliance on him.

**Nikki Haley and the RNC:**

- **Haley's Support for Trump:** Ex-presidential candidate Nikki Haley instructed her 95 delegates to support Trump at the Republican National Convention. Despite her efforts to align with Trump, she was not invited to the RNC, indicating ongoing political dynamics within the party.

**International Developments:**

- **France's Political Climate:** President Macron of France, a pro-migration and pro-war leader, is now targeting Marine Le Pen, his political opponent, through legal investigations. This move mirrors actions in other countries where former leaders face legal challenges, reflecting a trend of political persecution.

**Closing Thoughts:**

- **Fascism and Endless Wars:** There is a growing sentiment that fascism is creeping into governments worldwide. The ongoing conflicts and political persecutions highlight a need for vigilance and accountability in preserving democratic values.

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