Ep. 36. Trump's Path Back to the White House. Lee Zeldin

14 days ago

Former Congressman Lee Zeldin joins Gabe to discuss presidential politics and the state of the Democratic Party. He expresses concerns about President Biden's cognitive abilities and believes it is unrealistic for him to serve four more years. Zeldin emphasizes the importance of focusing on solutions and prioritizing issues above blind partisan loyalty. He also discusses the mechanics of campaigning and the need for strong campaign strategies. Zeldin highlights the divide within the Democratic Party and the urgency they will feel to make up for lost time. He also discusses the potential vice presidential pick for Trump and the importance of selecting someone capable of being president. Zeldin praises Trump's foreign policy achievements and emphasizes the need for a president who understands foreign policy and can keep the country safe and prosperous.

00:00 Introduction and Salute to Troops
02:51 Assessing President Biden's Cognitive Abilities
07:05 The Divide Within the Democratic Party
12:39 The Importance of Campaign Mechanics
15:38 Messaging and Connecting with Voters
29:43 Clarifying the Distinctions in the Middle East Conflict

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