How Quenton Nelson Spent His $80 MILLION Contract + His High Hopes For Anthony Richardson

9 days ago

Recorded: June 24th 2024 | In this weeks intro, Will and the guys recap their 4th of July breaks, talk House of Dragon and answer some fan questions.

Following the intro, the boys sit down with All-Pro and Pro Bowl left tackle, and one of the boys, Quenton Nelson. The guys get into what the offseason has looked like for Q, where he has been training and what he has done differently this year to make feel even more prepared. Quenton gets into the outlook for this years Colts team and some of the young guys they have one the team. We hit all of the segments with Q and the vibes are just through the roof. Come and join the vibes, enjoy fellas.


0:00 Intro
2:00 Almost To 500,000 Subscribers
3:21 4th of July
12:26 Dave Portnoy Is Not A Man's Man
14:26 House Of Dragon
20:31 What's With The Zach Bryan Hate?
26:23 Fan Questions
44:51 Saying I Love You To Your Boys
46:35 Your Girl Moving In With You
51:32 Feeling Healthy Again
54:29 Training Differently This Offseason
55:53 Position Coach = Most Important Coach
58:36 Being The Vet On The Team
59:47 Anthony Richardson
1:02:16 Shaq Leonard
1:04:09 Will Beat Q
1:07:19 Is Pool Basketball Overrated?
1:09:36 If Not Notre Dame, Then Where?
1:10:51 Biggest Purchase
1:12:42 Q Thought Taylor Was A Douche
1:23:01 Twisted Question OTW
1:34:51 Shoutout's OTW
1:40:53 Tier Talk - Best Fruits
1:52:09 Not Making NFL Top 100

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