The GOP Platform, Gobekli Tepe, Eco-Theology, and More

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Is Hunter Biden the Real Power Behind the Throne Now? -
White House Releases Letter From President Biden's Physician Regarding Neurologist's WH Visits -
James Woods Rips Chicago’s Gun Control, 19 Dead, 100+ Shot Over July 4th Weekend -
Florida Mass Murderer Agrees To Give His Brain To Science In Unique Settlement -
Illegals Are Indeed Getting Immediate Social Security, Contrary to Democrat Claims -
RNC Releases ‘2024 GOP Platform to Make America Great Again’ Inspired by Trump’s Vision for America -
Elon Musk Has His Most Savage ‘Red Pill’ Moment yet… Jaws on the Floor -
Meta Bans 'Zionist' Hate Speech -
You Won’t Believe This Disturbing Gobekli Tepe Update -
‘Eco-Theology’: The Latest Departure From The Faith -

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