HARNWELL: According to pre-summit leaks, Zelensky is to be told Ukraine “too corrupt” to join NATO

4 days ago

VIDEO SYNTHESIS / NATO’s 75th Anniversary summit is unusually important for a number of reasons — US President “Dr” Jill Biden has already ruled out Ukraine joining NATO — so let’s see what face-saving shiny-thing they can come up with in DC.

Some are reporting the official excuse will be Ukraine is “too corrupt” — though corruption in and of itself, of course, is no inhibition to NATO membership (neither officially nor unofficially). As a side note, look out for Warmongery Inc trying to hoodwink the world that the South China Sea has now magically transferred itself to the North Atlantic (in which case, Americans, get ready to cough up for more ForeverWar).





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Aired On: 07/09/24

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