Joe Biden And Pope Francis: Catholic Leaders Of A Brave New World by The Remnant

5 days ago

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Joe Biden And Pope Francis: Catholic Leaders Of A Brave New World (Text and Video 45:57)
Not a good week for the Globalists, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bianca Jagger, and a host of celebrities tell Pope Francis to leave the Latin Mass alone. Is this why the Vatican is reportedly backing down from their "final solution" to cancel the Latin Mass? Plus, Viktor Orbán - the "fascist" bane of the Globalists' existence - transforms Hungary into the most pro-life/pro-family country in Europe. Are we sure we're not the baddies? Holy Catholic revival, Batman!-200,000 Catholic Hungarians demonstrate massive fidelity to the Faith of our Fathers in yet another Pentecost Pilgrimage. By the way, why is the former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick - one of the most notorious predators in Catholic history - being allowed to take his tapioca in "full communion" with the Vatican while the whistleblower, Archbishop Vigano, is declared excommunicated? Will this bizarre double standard be the undoing of the Church of Accompaniment?
by Michael J. Matt / The Remnant
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