Tot Boy Tips A Toy Car Back And Rides In Circles

AFVViralsPublished: May 17, 2018
Published: May 17, 2018

Having a big toy car is probably every boy dream! But having both a car and a racetrack it totally amazing! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! It’s so cute and funny, you really have to check it out! It shows a tot boy who is riding his toy car on an improvised car racing track make of wood logs on a driveway. Although he’s just a toddler, this cute boy obviously enjoys driving his car pretty fast, but when he accidentally tips it back, he gets scared and starts to cry while the car is still riding around with its front wheels up in the air! LOL! It seems this time our little Fangio has taken more than he can stand. But I bet next time when this happens he will know what to do! You know what they say - only practice makes it perfect! LOL!

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