What Were The Odds Of That Happening?

AFVVirals Published May 17, 2018 2,286 Plays

Rumble Softball is one of the most popular sports among women and young girls in this country, but it takes lots of practice to become good at it! That’s why some girls like to improve their softball skills by taking an extra time to practice on their own indoors. Just like a girl in this video with a hilarious twist! It’s so funny that you really have to check it out. It shows a young girl who is standing with a bat in her hands and wait for a ball. The pitcher machine throws the first one, and she hits it easily but misses the next one that bounces on the floor and hits the camera! LOL! I mean what are the chances for something like that to happen! If she intentionally tried to do that, she would fail for sure! And that’s the real beauty of these accidentally taken videos! LOL!