The Bankers War In Ukraine by Tales Of The American Empire

5 days ago

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The Bankers War In Ukraine - Part Seventeen Of The Anglo-American War On Russia
Western corporate media and our corporate sponsored political leaders proclaim the war in Ukraine is about stopping Russian aggression. As this series has explained, this war was an American neocon effort to ignite a proxy war in Ukraine to destabilize and fragment Russia into smaller states that western corporations can control. This has failed horribly as Russia became stronger and more united than before war began. Even worse, the effort backfired after Russian efforts to make peace were rejected. Russia determined that it must conquer all of Ukraine to expel foreign troublemakers and protect itself, so its armies are slowly conquering all of Ukraine. This has caused panic in the west since it had already taken control of Ukraine and began to exploit its vast resources.
by Tales Of The American Empire
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