Young Boy Makes A Hilarious Video with Musical.Ly App

AFVVirals Published May 17, 2018 4 Plays

Rumble What does it take to become a star or a celebrity person today? Well, it definitely takes talent for singing, acting, dancing or some other form of performing arts, for example, a lot of practice, some motivation and courage to try and a cool app that will help you make a cool and viral video! Just like this one, for example. Check out this super cute and amazingly funny young boy who decided to share his “singing” talent with the world using the App and makes such adorable interpretation of a catchy tune. He even tries to upgrade his video by making some cool high jump with a heel kick shot at the end, but then he slips and falls over like a rock! LOL! Isn’t this one of the funniest music videos you’ve seen in a while? Maybe his jump with a heel kick skill is not the best, but his charm is immense!