Spiderman At A Kids’ Party Fails Epically

AFVViralsPublished: May 17, 2018
Published: May 17, 2018

Kids’ parties are so much fun! And if a superhero makes an appearance, that’s just pure excitement! Of all the superheroes that pay visits to children’s birthday parties, Spiderman is definitely among the most popular ones. I wasn’t sure why kids love Spiderman so much, but then I saw this video! This hilarious clip shows a curious event that took place at a kids’ birthday party in a garden. Spiderman is in the house and all the kids are so excited about his performance! So much fun! The man in a Spiderman costume sure has got some skills! He’s doing backflips against the fence like a true Spiderman! How cool is that? All the kids must be amazed! But wait, there’s a plot twist coming up! Spiderman goes for a jump and puts his foot through the fence! LOL! These kids got a lot more than they bargained for! Totally hilarious!

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