Tot Boy Cries On Command

AFVViralsPublished: May 17, 2018
Published: May 17, 2018

Every kid has a special talent or talents. Some are good at sports, while others are better at art, but a kid in this video beats them all! He cries on demand! OMG! This is so hilarious that you really have to check it out! This video shows an adorable tot boy who is sitting in a kitchen with his mom, and she tells him to show her his crying. The boy instantly changes his facial expression and starts to cry! Literarily! His eyes get full of tears and some even roll down on his cheeks. OMG, can you believe that?! But the funniest thing is he can stop whenever he wants and starts again on command! I bet this little guy is going to be an amazing drama artist someday! Even this performance deserves an Oscar, and I can only imagine how far he can go if he just continues to develop his incredible talent!

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