This Pup Doesn't Seem To Fully Understand The Concept Of Swimming

Published May 17, 2018 2,097 Plays $3.38 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt has been said that there is no activity that is quite as beneficial as swimming. With the thickness of water supporting you all around, it is a non-impact activity that activates all the muscles in your body, urges you to breathe properly and promotes good posture. Still, with the potential dangers lurking around, one does require a certain skill level in order to be left unsupervised in the water. You do need to know how to swim!

With humans it is usually easy. Either you get someone older to show you the ropes, or get a few swimming classes. With animals, there are but a few species that cannot swim, such as camels, gorillas and armadillos. Naturally, when you think about it, this should mean that dogs should be able to swim, right? Apparently, that is not the case.

Everyone, meet Marley. He is quite a big guy, as you can probably tell and from the looks of it, he has quite a keen interest in water. His owner has thrown him a stick in the shallows, probably about knee-deep. Marley doesn’t think twice about going in, another indicator that the pooch has probably been swimming already.

Well, that all falls down the drain when the water gets too deep for him. We all expected him to be a master at the skill, but instead the big dog just flops his hind legs like a drunk frog and quickly snaps at the twig, almost submerging his whole body in the murky water.

Hey, at least he fetched!