Preterism vs. Futurism: What Does Revelation Really Say?

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The history of Preterism and Futurism are the topic of this latest examination of the ‘little season’ theory which is the concept that we are now in a post rapture, post Millennial Kingdom and are living in the ‘little season’ when the devil is released from the pit before the end of the age. Carl and Bryan welcome special guest J.T. from the Christian Conspiracy Network who joins Bryan in taking the sides of part-Preterist.

As we open the book of Revelation, both sides point to many verses and discuss their actual meaning and how they might apply practically to our understanding regarding the actual timeline of the Holy Scriptures.

Many points are discussed from the seven trumpets to the seven bowls and the two witnesses whom the beast destroys in front of the whole world but are raised up again. The chronological placement of the 2nd Coming and The Great White Throne Judgement within the Preterist (hyper, full and Partial) scope of eschatological timelines is hotly debated.

A Jesuit connection is revealed as the source most of the Preterist conclusions dating back the 16th Century. The conversation turns quite lively at many points and we encourage you to listen in and and decide where you stand!

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