Protocol 7 | The Big Pharma Coverup with Andy Wakefield

15 days ago

Today, I'm honored to host Andrew Wakefield, a former doctor turned filmmaker. His work challenges vaccine narratives, starting with noting rising autism rates among MMR-vaccinated children in England. Despite backlash, Andrew co-produced "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe" in 2016, exposing alleged vaccine trial fraud and sparking national debate.

Andrew's latest film, "Protocol 7," explores misconduct in MMR vaccine trials, revealing data manipulation and cover-ups by Merck.

Screening July 10th-11th at Edwards Theater, Boise, it challenges vaccine safety claims and demands healthcare accountability.

Join us for "Protocol 7," a call to action with 27 film awards, provoking thought and inspiring change.
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Explore the pivotal moment in public health policy with 1986: The Vaccine Liability Act and Its Impact. Discover how this legislation transformed the vaccine industry by granting immunity to manufacturers from liability for injuries and deaths caused by their products.

Delve into the controversy surrounding mandatory vaccinations for school children and the profound implications for public health and corporate responsibility.

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