How Many Patriot Front-Feds Can ILLEGALLY Fit in a U-Haul?

7 days ago

It was like a comedy scene out of a movie. You are amazed at how many Patriot Front-Feds can pour out of a U-Haul truck in Nashville. However, your amazement quickly turns into ASTONISHMENT as they keep on pouring out of the U-Haul in large numbers. The stench from the BO alone in the U-Hauls would have been quite overwhelming. Of course, absurdly packing the back of trucks with so many people is highly illegal but not to worry. The Nashville Police refrained from ticketing them and even kindly escorted the march of the Patriot Front-Feds through Nashville in order to keep any harm coming to them from the very very few who are still so clueless as not to know what the deal is.

And speaking of CLUELESS, the funniest thing might have been the coverage of the Patriot Front-Feds in Nashville by the local NewsChannel 5 team who acted as if it was a legit group. Or maybe they did know the truth but have such a low opinion of their viewers' intelligence that they thought they could get away with trying to fool the audience into thinking the Patriot Front-Feds are a legit group despite drowning in overwhelming obvious evidence they are a government front group.

p.s. And just how did they fit so many Patriot Front-Feds into the U-Hauls? Did they lay them down in layers atop each other in alternating positions so that one Patriot Front-Fed's butt sat atop the face of another and so on several Feds high?

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