Embracing Spiritual Victory and Rejecting Worldly Temptations

15 days ago

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Blessings of God's Word: Spiritual Insights and Christian Living
Greetings, this is Brother Larry. Today, we explore the blessings and instructions of the Word of God. Thank you for joining, listening, and sharing this message with others as we rejoice together in Christ.
Last Podcast Recap: Loving Not the World
Previously, we discussed 1 John 2:15-17, emphasizing not loving the world or its lusts of the flesh, eyes, and pride of life. We can't serve two masters, and loving the world divides our loyalty to God.
World System vs. God's Teachings
Dr. Richard DeHaan defines the world system as philosophies opposed to God's Word. Romans 8 contrasts living spiritually versus carnally. Transformation starts in the mind, renewing it to think like Christ (Romans 12:2).
Scripture's Authority
God inspired men to write the Bible without error, providing a reliable guide against the distorted oral traditions. Romans 8:9-17 emphasizes living by the Spirit, ensuring our spiritual life aligns with God's righteousness.
Satan's Influence and Victory in Christ
Satan, the god of this world, blinds unbelievers. Believers are separated from sin through Christ's righteousness. Romans 8:11 assures resurrection and eternal life, motivating us to live spiritually, not carnally.
Mind of Christ and Spiritual Thinking
Have the mind of Christ, thinking spiritually about issues. Avoid the lust of the eyes and flesh, as emphasized by Jesus in Matthew 5:28. What we see impacts our thoughts, highlighting the danger of pornography and impure media.
Responsibility in Avoiding Temptation
It's our responsibility to avoid situations leading to sin. Ephesians instructs us to put off sinful behaviors. Pray for deliverance and actively turn away from temptations.
Conclusion and Encouragement
Understand the importance of spiritual victory over fleshly desires. God loves you and wants to deliver you from sin. May God bless and help you in these struggles, making you victorious. Share this message, and we'll meet again next week.

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