Playful French Bulldog Chills In A Puddle Of Mud Just For Fun

Published May 17, 2018 1,393 Plays $1.77 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis French Bulldog has decided that the best place to relax is in a puddle of muddy water. Olive is a little pooch who has a zest for life! In this adorable clip, she found a little mud puddle and decided to take a long dip! Enjoy!

Amusing footage of a curious French Bulldog pooch frolicking in a big pile of mud, adorably covering her body in dirt from head to toe. Watch as she obsessively explores the mud while taking a dip in a fine puddle on the road in the middle of a field. She cannot contain her excitement and takes a nice mud bath, much to our amusement!

Mud masks and baths are the new trend in beauty and skin care. As nice as these treatments can be, they can also be quite expensive! Playing in the mud is hard work they say, but it is very healthy!
Well this curious pooch has figured out a very cheap and simple way to get the same kind of treatment right in his own personal bathtub!

An adorable French Bulldog puppy meets a mud puddle and it is love at first sight. In this heartwarming clip a curious pooch is seen exploring a big mud puddle, and taking a big, long bath while rolling around in the mud. How cute is that?

Dogs are known to take mud baths and play around in the dirt, especially immediately after they had a bath. It is also one of their favorite ways to cool down, or simply enjoy in the tingling sensation the water-mud mix gives to their fur. Cuteness overload!

This cheeky Frenchie calf likes to make use of the muddy waters, and engages in a long mud play as shown in this clip. Watch as this tiny canine is having a blast, rolling around in muddy waters on a sunny day. Adorable!

Women cracked this technique and started using green clay to protect their skin and enjoy the numerous benefits from mud masks. Mud and clay come from mother nature, which means they are rich in minerals and have healing properties.

Adorable footage shows a playful Frenchie playing in the hot sun, taking a mud bath. It is adorable to witness how she frolics in the muddy waters like it is the best day of her life!