The Compleat Beatles by Patrick Montgomery

7 days ago

The Compleat Beatles (1982):
The Beatles:
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The Compleat Beatles (1982) (1:59:01)
Directed by Patrick Montgomery and Written by David Silver

The Beatles

Excerpt from my forthcoming article / timeline: The Beatles, John Lennon, And December 8, 1980
On July 6, 1957, John's first group, The Quarrymen, played in public for only the second time when a mutual friend Ivan Vaughan introduced him to Paul McCartney.
July 20, 1957, John Lennon invites Paul McCartney to join The Quarrymen; he accepts.
On August 7, 1957, The Quarrymen Skiffle Group made their first advertised appearance at the Cavern Club. The band members included John Lennon, Len Garry, Rod Davies, Colin Hanton, Pete Shotton, and Eric Griffiths. During the performance, Alan Sytner, owner of the Cavern Club, told John Lennon to "cut out the rock."
On January 24, 1958, The Quarrymen's first performance at the Cavern Club with Paul McCartney took place.
On February 6, 1958, Paul McCartney brought George Harrison to meet The Quarrymen. Although John Lennon initially thought George too young, after hearing him play guitar, he recognized him as a talented guitarist who would benefit the group.

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