Fall Asleep Quickly. 11Hz Alpha Frequency for Insomnia

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Bringing You Purrfect Music Every Day!

Every day is a new experience, we face new challenges, and we learn new ways to overcome. And that is why every day I aim to bring something different, with bringing my own songs to the mix, along with some other great artists – from nature, meditation music, chill music, binaural beats, and of course, classical music.

So, whatever mood you are in, I have something for you!

Let us not forget our mascot for the channel – Wolfgang… Whom you may see pop up from time to time. Watch out for him. 

Cute Kitty Fund! These cuties are a wonderful handful, the best decision of my life; however… it can be rather expensive to look after 6 abandoned cats!
If you want to support what I do, this is a great way to do it, and… all the money goes to these cuties. For more info on THEIR story, check out the link https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/giving-a-mother-cat-and-5-kittens-a-loving-home

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