RFK Jr. Outshines Trump in Tackling America’s Biggest Threats

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19 days ago

In this clip from The Jeff Dornik Show, Jeff explains to Anna Matson that America's survival hinges on addressing four critical issues: illegal immigration, perpetual wars, corporate capture of the government, and the unchecked power of intelligence agencies. He asserts that RFK Jr. is the best candidate to tackle these challenges, surpassing even Trump in dealing with corporate influence and intelligence reform due to his extensive research and family legacy. Jeff emphasizes that while accusations fly from both political sides, none have stuck, underscoring Kennedy's capability to lead America back on the right path.

Watch the full episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Ann Matson: https://rumble.com/v52axu9-kennedy-debunked-anna-matson-dismantles-the-smear-campaigns-against-robert-.html?mref=1wxk5&mc=ehuil

If you’d like to Declare Your Independence from both political parties and support a truly independent candidate in Robert F Kennedy Jr for President, consider donating to his campaign at https://jeffdornik.com/kennedy.

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