Congressmen Wesley Hunt & Byron Donalds | The Sage Steele Show

15 days ago

The Sage Steele Show on the road from Atlanta, where Sage hosts not one but two U.S. Congressmen, Byron Donalds (Florida) and Wesley Hunt (Texas). Byron on what he learned from his first loss. Wesley on the concept of "Congress, Cognac, and Cigars," to engage the black community in discussions about conservative values. Economic, educational, and cultural challenges, advocating for solutions like school choice, which Byron credits with changing his life, Biden’s role in the rise of inflation, the immigration crisis, and crime. Wesley’s transformative experience in combat that made him fearless. Sage on the importance of having strong, articulate black men in leadership roles, accountability, the decline of trust in our political institutions, patriotism, exceptionalism, and much, much more.

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