CRA Ramps Up Threats

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16 days ago

The Canada Revenue Agency has issued more threats to Canadians telling them that they are going to ramp up legal action against them. If you owe your CERB debt, they are not going to sue you because that means you get to question them on the stand.

If Canada Revenue Agency says they want to sue you, it is a bluff but believe me if they send you any threats you do want to get a hold of me to make sure that we take care of them and get them away from you. Income tax in Canada is a scam and I know how to get you out of your income tax debt.

There's no such thing as going to jail for owing money in Canada. Do not talk to the Canada agency because you do not have to. You have the right to remain silent or tell them to go straight to hell. After you tell them to go to hell get a hold of me and I'll make sure they go to hell!

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