NY Times Lies About Joe, Plus Slave Masks, Merchan’s Ploy, NewsGuard Fascism, and More

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21 days ago

The NY Times may have made up a story about Joe Biden telling allies that he’s considering dropping out. It’s not the first nor will it be the last time they tried to push a narrative to achieve the desired results of their agenda.

Slave masks are useless, which we already knew, but a lady was in tears when four nurses told her how ineffective they are. She wasn’t in tears from realizing she’s been lied to for four years. She was in tears because she thinks the four nurses are wrong and want her dead.

Alvin Bragg seemed awfully accommodating of President Trump’s legal team when they asked for a delay in sentencing for the hush money conviction. Then, Judge Merchan was quick to approve it. Are they plotting something for their own October Surprise?

We covered these and a few other stories on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show.

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