Dog And Parrot Can’t Have Enough Of Their Unique Friendship

Published May 16, 2018 181 Plays $0.34 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDogs are man's best friend - but who's a dog's best friend? According to a video making the rounds, it's a parrot. The video shows a little pup and his tame parrot friend having an old-fashioned romp together in their home. Of course, most birds probably wouldn't be up for playing like this. But this gal certainly seems to enjoy it.

The birdie doesn’t share the same amount of energy as its friend the doggie. It looks a bit confused while the dog keeps running in circles waiting for the parrot to become at least more active. But it seems the bird loves being in the center of this game and it doesn’t mind the incredibly playful nature of the dog.

The puppy really likes to hang out more with the parrot, so when the parrot turns its back to the dog, this canine zooms in front of its friend making sure that he will get its undivided attention. He just wants to have some fun. What’s bad in that? The parrot seems absent-minded but it tries to be friendly by making little steps towards the dog. However, the dog is not that satisfied with such an action so he goes on barking, running in circles and reprimanding his parrot friend to show more enthusiasm. The birdie being as relaxed as it is, decides that it’s time to listen to its friend and starts jumping shyly and even tries to tease the doggie. But it's clear that whatever the case, this pair really loves each other and their friendship is unique.