Grandma’s Riddle

Published May 16, 2018 65 Views

Rumble Two of the most important things in life are pretty simple - always keep up your spirit high and never lose a good sense of humor! Just like a grandma in this video! She is so full of life and amazingly funny that you really have to check this video out! This beautiful old lady is sitting on a porch outside with her friend who asks her if she knows what the doctor said about what’s wrong with her. When she says that she doesn’t, her friend tells her that the doctor said she has CRF. The old lady looks straight up at her friend and asks “What’s that?”, and the friend says “Can’t remember sh*t!” LOL! Oh, what a great joke that was! Both ladies almost burst into tears of laughter, but so was I after watching this video! It is so amazingly funny that you really have to see it too!

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