Overly Affectionate Sphynx Cat Obsessed With Cuddling Humans

Published May 16, 2018 30,357 Plays $71.52 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensA heartwarming video has emerged of one overly-affectionate kitty being obsessed with cuddling humans. Bella does this to everybody even to this woman's husband who is bald! Priceless!

This is the adorable moment when one overly-affectionate cat cuddles with her human and engages in a long, friendly hug! It is hilarious how the kitty refuses to let go of this woman’s hair and uses it as her personal snuggling buddy! What a special bond these two share. Amazing!

Footage shows the adorable moment when a needy cat throws herself at a woman, in desperate need for attention and love. Watch how this emotional cat acts like a tick and won’t let go of woman’s hair. It is like this cat is addicted to smelling this woman’s hair and cannot break her attachment! The cat has her paws wrapped around woman’s hair, hugging her human like there is no tomorrow! What a loving bond these two share, it is simply incredible!

It is always adorable to watch videos of animals showing deep connection with their humans, but this video of a cuddling cat warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such a pet around.

This funny video of a needy cat clutching its front paws around woman’s neck, had us in stitches! This emotional Sphynx cat is desperately seeking attention and really knows how to express her love and devotion. Adorable!

Watch as this affectionate cat hugs a woman by wrapping its paws around her neck, acting like a tick, not allowing her to get away. Is this love at first sight, or what!? Have you ever seen a cat this affectionate around human before? There is first time for everything!

Credit: @justkittenaroundsphynx