What the media doesn't want you to know, Massive Deportation Of Portuguese From Canada 2007-2008

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ME: I Had people on a daily basis coming into my store to tell me trump is racist for deporting Mexicans , then I in told people that Canada deported 47k of Portuguese families in 2007-2008 , they said I was lying about that , because of the 207 articles that were up were taken down by the Canadian Liberal Party after a bunch after bailing out our media multiple times .

What if Donald Trump went into the American High Schools and Held Back the Spanish speaking Mexican students ? Until there parents arrived at the schools to prove they are allowed to be in the USA ?

In 2007 and 2008, Canada experienced a wave of mass deportations of Portuguese families, primarily in Toronto. The events were marked by a series of raids and checks, as well as the holding back of students in high schools who spoke Portuguese. These actions were controversial and sparked a significant amount of public outrage and criticism.

The mass deportation of Portuguese families began in earnest in the summer of 2007 when Canadian immigration officials began conducting raids at the Dufferin Mall in Toronto. The officials were targeting individuals who had overstayed their visas or who had entered the country illegally. Many of the individuals caught up in the raids were Portuguese, and the actions of the immigration officials were criticized for being heavy-handed and indiscriminate.

The Dufferin Mall raids were just the beginning of a broader campaign to crack down on illegal immigration in Toronto. In the months that followed, Canadian immigration officials conducted a series of "viacheal blitz" checks, which involved pulling over vehicles in certain areas of the city and checking the immigration status of the occupants. Again, many of those caught up in the checks were Portuguese, and the actions of the officials were criticized for being racially motivated and discriminatory.

The mass deportation campaign also extended to the schools in the area. In particular, students at Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School in Toronto were affected. The school had a significant Portuguese population, and many of the students were either immigrants or the children of immigrants. In some cases, these students were held back a grade or prevented from graduating because they did not have the proper documentation to remain in the country.

The actions of the Canadian immigration officials were widely criticized by the public, and many people saw the campaign as unjust and discriminatory. In particular, members of the Portuguese community in Toronto felt that they were being unfairly targeted by the authorities. The mass deportations also sparked protests and demonstrations, as well as calls for changes to the immigration policies of the Canadian government.

In response to the criticism, Canadian officials defended their actions, stating that they were necessary to uphold the country's immigration laws and protect its borders. However, many people felt that the actions were excessive and that they violated the human rights of those who were caught up in the campaign.

Over time, the controversy surrounding the mass deportations died down, but the events of 2007 and 2008 continue to be remembered as a dark chapter in Canadian immigration history. The Dufferin Mall raids, viacheal blitz checks, and the holding back of Portuguese students in Toronto are all seen as examples of heavy-handed and discriminatory actions by the Canadian authorities. They also highlight the challenges and complexities of immigration policy in a globalized world, and the need to balance security concerns with human rights and civil liberties.

Context and Controversy:

Address the initial statement: "Oh my God, Trump is such a racist, he's deporting Mexicans."
Introduce the internal controversy on your channel regarding this topic.
Historical Context:

Highlight the mass deportations of Portuguese from Canada in 2007-2008.
Emphasize the disbelief and denial from many people regarding these events.
Details of Deportations:

Mention the mass deportations involved primarily Portuguese families in Toronto.
Discuss the controversial raids and checks, including those at Dufferin Mall and schools.
Explain the broader campaign to crack down on illegal immigration in Toronto.
Impact on the Portuguese Community:

Talk about the significant public outrage and criticism these actions sparked.
Share personal experiences of discrimination and targeting in Toronto.
Discuss the effects on students, including holding them back in schools.
Government Actions and Responses:

Explain how Canadian officials defended their actions, citing immigration law enforcement.
Mention the backlash and protests, such as the “Hands off the Portuguese” demonstration at Queen’s Park.
Media Censorship:

Discuss how the coverage of these events disappeared after Trudeau bailed out mainstream media.
Highlight the difficulty in finding information about these events today.
Comparison to Trump's Actions:

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